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JPD Bicycle Patrol Connects with Neighborhoods and Bicyclists

The Jonesboro Police Department’s Bicycle Patrol is a specially trained group of officers that isn’t hindered by the lack of a steel cage and engine of a patrol car.  Rather, these officers are connecting to neighborhood residents in a way that isn’t afforded by traditional police cruisers.  According to Officers Brown and Seaborn, being on a bicycle makes them much more accessible to the public in need.  The patrol’s training through the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) also provides the skills necessary to navigate a vast variety of terrain giving them the ability to access areas that can’t be reached by automobile.  According to the officers that spoke with the Northeast Arkansas Bicycle Coalition, the bike handling skills are paying off in their ability to catch bad guys and make arrests.  


Not only are these officers more able to connect with residents seeking their help, their training allows them to help educate members of the community about traffic laws and safety pertaining to bicycles.  They are able to get information to people in real time, in a way that connects their role in public safety with that of a cyclist.  The training they receive has educated them fully on the traffic laws and best practices of bicycling, and their time traveling by bicycle in a community that is designed for auto travel makes them knowledgeable and empathetic to those on two wheels.  This allows them to enforce laws to both drivers and bicyclists in a way that educates and helps bridge the divide between the two traveling groups.    

Ride for Safe Routes

This great group of cyclist rode into Jonesboro for a cause. Read more here from their blog.

Ride America for Safe Routes

Ride America for Safe Routes: Advocates Jeanie Ward-Waller, Stephanie Palmer, Jane Ward, and Chelsea Ward-Waller will be riding into Jonesboro on March 4, 2012 as part of their trek across America. The women of Ride America for Safe Routes are cycling across the country to advocate for bike friendly roads and communities. They will be meeting with local bicycle advocates along their route across America to combine efforts in raising awareness for bike safety in their communities. Support Ride America for Safe Routes on March 4 by riding into Jonesboro with the women and members of our community. Following the ride, join the women for dinner at Don Jose in downtown Jonesboro to hear more about Ride America for Safe Routes and their trek across the country.
For more information on the Ride America for Safe Routes and the women please visit
Update:                                                                                                                                               Tenative time for biking in is 5 p.m. (subject to change) and meet up at Don Jose following.

JETS to Offer Student Summer Rate

Just in time for summer, JETS will be offering a Summer Youth Discount Fare Program. This program will be effective on all JETS Fixed Route buses from the day following Memorial Day until the day preceding Labor Day.

To qualify for this fare a young person must be between the ages of 12 and 18 and must present a valid school-issued, picture ID.

The fare for this program is $.25 per trip or $20 dollars for unlimited daily travel during the 68-day duration of the program.  The $20 summer long pass can only be purchased at the City Collector’s window in Jonesboro City Hall.

All JETS Fixed Route buses can accommodate up to two bicycles each on external Gearhead-sponsored bike racks. - See our Rack -n- Ride JTown Page for details!

To present questions, please contact JETS office at 935-5387.

2011 Summer Youth Discount 5-11-11.pdf35.32 KB

Bike to Work Day

It's time for our annual Bike to Work Day!!

We'll meet at Allen Park Community Center on Race St. around 6:30 a.m.

We will leave AT 7:00 a.m.!!

The route will take us down the Greenway to Highland Dr. where we will be met by our police escort. We'll then take Highland all the way to Main St. We'll take Main all the way to Sookie's (Next to Piero's) where we'll have a fabulous breakfast together!

This is a community ride, so the pace will be kept manageable. Everyone is welcome; and there is no fee to participate. The route is a gradual uphill (just fyi).

Hope you'll join us! Happy Bike Month!!

(Helmets are required.)